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Eve Torres is a 22-year old contestant of WWE Raw's Diva Search 2oo7 . She's one of the Final 8 women , who have the chance to become the new WWE Diva . She lives in Los Angeles , California at this time . Her passion is dancing and just doing all of sport .





If one were to ask Eve how she views herself, the beautiful Los Angeles resident would answer, “I am sexy, smart, and always excel and do my best.”

It’s that same drive which propelled Eve to enter the 2007 Diva Search and become one of the final eight contestants. No stranger to the excitement of a large crowd as a Los Angeles Clippers Spirit Dancer, she now hopes to bring her unique kind of strength and enthusiasm to WWE.

The 22-year-old Diva hopeful sees a lot of herself in current WWE Diva and former Women’s Champion Mickie James. “She’s cute and has a playful side to her,” she observes, “but when that bell rings, she means business.” Yet it is Mickie’s presence outside the ring that most impresses Eve. “Mickie is extremely intelligent, and that, I think, is a huge plus.”

Eve is hardly a slouch in the brains department, as she’s adept at solving Rubik’s Cubes whenever the mood strikes her. Other times, she prefers keeping her body in shape by dancing, running, aerobics and kickboxing. And if you really want to get this aspiring Diva’s temperature rising (pay attention, boys), the key to Eve’s heart is a night of salsa dancing, with intelligent conversation mixed in.

It’s easy to see why one might consider Eve to be a strong, beautiful woman with a sunny disposition, though be warned; she’s the first one to admit that if something or someone rubs her the wrong way, “I do have a bit of a temper.”