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DivaSearch Theme Song

Special thanks to Velvet Revolver

Written: August 22, 2007

Every sexy, fun-loving WWE Diva Search contestant needs a great song to rock out to, and this year, WWE found the perfect tune for our eight lucky contestants. The 2007 WWE Diva Search’s official theme song is “Let it Roll” by Velvet Revolver. (Listen to it now!)

“Let it Roll” is off the band’s second studio album, Libertad, which is in stores now. The record was released on RCA Contemporary in July, and debuted at No. 5 on the U.S. Billboard charts. The rock supergroup is comprised of vocalist Scott Weiland, guitarists Slash and Dave Kushner, bassist Duff McKagan and drummer Matt Sorum.

Since the release of Libertad, the California-based rockers have been touring around the world, and are now rocking American audiences, before heading to Europe and Asia. Click here to see if the band will be performing in a city near you soon! Don't forget to check out the band’s exclusive, VIP meet-and-greet packages.

Can’t get enough of Velvet Revolver? Check out the band’s official Web site. And don’t forget to check out Velvet Revolver’s official store to get your hands on a copy of Libertad so you can rock out while checking out the beautiful, talented 2007 WWE Diva Search contestants on WWE.com.



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